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How can we make your life easier?

Our affordable, online bail bonds payment service allows families and  individuals to establish a 1% to 3% down payment account through a provider network of bail bonds agencies and bail bondsmen anywhere in the continental U.S. We accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. We also work with family, friends and individuals if needed to put together an easy, flexible bail bonds payment solution using multiple cards in a single payment.

In the event that a family member or friend is arrested, the account holder contact a BailRep by selecting the state, county, city or town by scrolling to the bottom of any of our web pages and calling our toll-free number, 1-855-MY-BAILREP (1-855-692-2457) plus the 4-digit number assigned to the local bondsman on-site at the jail.

All calls go directly to a BailRep, not an automated line, because we understand these are time-critical calls.

We've designed our bail service for the ultimate in simplicity. It is available anywhere, anytime and has all the benefits you need and none that you don't.

The Process in 5 Simple Steps

  • Establish a BailRep account
  • Bail bondsman verify the account holder's information over the phone
  • The account holder provides the jail location (state, county, city or town), first and last name, booking number, charges and bail amount
  • Bail bondsman confirm the status and cash bail amount with the jail
  • Initial payment is charged to the account holder's credit card and/or debit card by bondsman to expedite the bail process

BailRep is committed to ensuring the fastest release possible and has bondsmen that are on-site and ready to post the bail bond. This highly efficient system is what sets BailRep apart from the competition and provides faster release times for our clients.

BailRep. Smart Agents. Smarter Clients.


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