More Financing Options.
More Revenue.

Our Bail Bond Financing Marketplace connects bail bond service professional with consumers looking for emergency bail bond loans.



BailRep fills the Gap in Bail Bond Premium Financing.

40% of your customers walk out the door because they can’t afford bail bond premiums. The lack of accessible financing options has caused huge revenue losses for bail bondsman all over the country.


BailRep fills the gap

This is why we created BailRep – a solution that provides bail bond financing, thus allowing far greater number of bail bond contracts. We can approve the applications you won't finance, so you can write more bonds and earn more!


Eliminating the downsides of traditional financing

Aiming to be a true customer and partner in the finance industry, we have eliminated the downsides of conventional financing and created a zero-hassle, quick-financing solution for you and your customers.


BailRep is all about freedom

We truly believe that bail bond financing can change the lives of millions of customers in this country. We imagine a world where customers are not discriminated against by their social or financial situation, and they are respected and cared as human beings.


A human approach to financing

We create a positive and conducive environment for customers, and support those who lack emergency funds to cover unexpected events and expenses. Instead, we work with customers, to help them navigate life’s unexpected challenges that get in the way. This has a positive impact on yours and our credibility, and improves the relationship with the customer.


More than just financing

We are much more than financing. We’ll help you market to customers, and build a guaranteed stream of income. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business. Our dedicated BailReps are always ready to help grow your business, every single day.


Socially Driven Lending

Our simple application form can be completed right in your office, from home, a mobile device, and approved in under 3 minutes. No lengthy paperwork, no calling back and forth, and no daunting verification checks. It’s all simple!

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